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How to Make your PhD Dissertation a Great One !!

A Great PhD Dissertation is:

One that kicks the door open for another 3-4 future dissertations

  • Means that you started an area of work or a line of thought that opens many more lines of thought

Leaves a High-impact

  • Have left my mark behind in my field
  • Fundamentally changed the way that something is done today
  • Introduced a new concept that can be “mined” by others in the future
  • Solved a problem that has plagued the field for years
  • Eliminated a fundamental assumption that has been made in the field
  • Provided strong empirical evidence that the field has been lacking
  • Will continue to influence the field and be cited by others

Accessible to others in that field

  • It’s great if you have a wonderful theory/system, but what if no-one except you (and your advisor) understands it?

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